Paris 11 April 2019

We held the first discussion in Europe at the SACD in Paris.

Thank you so much Mie Kohiyama for moderating with such grace, compassion and dexterity the panel in Paris on Thursday night. The discussion was intense, passionate and honest, erupting at times into a sort of town hall meeting-which is exactly what I had intended to do-to ignite a conversation which could be had amongst us all to work out why women are silenced and how we can overcome the silencing. In France it appears that not only are you up against a perpetrator but also against a powerful system which is stacked against you. Heartbreaking to listen to stories of women not being believed, their stories being warped, manipulated and leaving her without recourse. I have to hold onto the belief that change is possible, and although at times frustratingly slow, it can and will happen. Lest we ever forget how far we have come-not even a 100 years since we won the right to vote. What to me is important is that we work together to effect this change. Thursday I feel was only the beginning. Thank you to panellists Laure Salmona and Karine Isambert for their insights and strength and to Sadie Ann Jemmett for such a powerful performance. Thanks to Julien Diris and @BeFerrier for helping to run the night. A huge thank you to Joel Prince for such beautiful photographs and to SACD for hosting us. This World Tour would not have been possible without the support from so many, so truly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.