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Don’t Silence Me. This video is for us for the survivors. To celebrate our bravery, our tenacity, our beauty, courage and reslilience.

Thank you to Sadie Ann Jemmett for writing this song which lit the spark which led to this video.Thank you to director Jenn Page for the vision and tenacity to bring this to fruition. Thank you so much to producing team Jenna Edwards Stephanie ArapianShira Levine and Brandon Poller without whom this would never have reached the dizzying heights it is heading towards. Thank you to Katie Nolan for all the incredible stills photography, portrait series and logo design. Thank you to Rose Fadem-Johnstonand Nick Conroy for shooting such beautiful work. Thank you to Allan Falk at Post Haste Digital for the sound design, Lola Ohlala for the choregraphy, Rémi Ta for the BTS footage, and Tony Myers for taking the leap of faith with us to make this happen.

And to all the brave women who so generously gave of their time to be in the video including Mhairi Morrison, JP Kelly, Talia Price, Athena Rademacher, Joanna Benitez, Brandi Aguiler, Lindsay Zana, Austin Musick, Brooke McCormick, Keisha Simpson, Lauen Noll, Susan Saiger, Antonia Jones, Virginia Linden, Susan Hopper, Alicia V Wilson, Aish Veryaa, Elizabeth Clary, Lindsey Blackman, Rola Ashiru, Alexa McDowell, Allie Parker, Joanne Chew, Yvette-Janine Pardo, Aisha Holden, Jennifer Emett, Melynda Choothesa, Louise Godbold, Justine Wentzell, Annette Salsman, Constance Bodkin, Stephanie Keefer,  Leah Cevoli, Lili Bernard, Chantal Cousineau, Maria Mastroyannis, Monazia Smith, Neaka Mohtashemi, Sarah Eagen. Suzanne Slade, Sarah Ann Masse, Tasha Dixon, LaTina Webb, Oria Lu, Elyse Cantor, Shade Quintanilla, Alexa Almaz, Deb Marcano, Debra Wegman Levin, Carmen Guerra, Soli Grace, Jennifer Vally, Ghen Laraya Long, Mireya Laraya Long, Holly Payberg, Robin Heller, Casey Ellings, Allie Parker, Aisha Holden

And last but by all means not least thank you to everyone who believed in this project and who supported the project financially, emotionally, and practically these past 6 months.

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Mhairi Morrison

Mhairi Morrison is an actor.

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Jenn Page

Jenn Page is a film-maker.

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Sadie Jemmett

Sadie Jemmett is a singer-songwriter

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Don’t Silence Me (FULL ALBUM VERSION), the new single from Sadie Jemmett, is available on Spotify and from these digital platforms to stream or download.